Projector Installation and Electrical Works

We have been providing Budget Projector Installation services for over 3 years, We usually have a budget solution that will work for you. We can even do conceal cabling services. Renting a small complete system is also available at a low budget price. Please drop us an email and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

We have done Budget installation at School, Tadika, Nursery, Daycare, Surau, Corporate Office, Government Office, Residential and Eateries.

  • Wall Mounting
  • Solid Ceiling Mounting
  • Plaster Ceiling Mount Installation
  • Motorized Lift  Projector Installation

**We urge you to get the Quality VGA and HDMI cable for your projector system setup. Cheap ones will fail you in the shortest period of time. Protect your hard-earned investment.


Installation Kit Package A
(exclude installation services)
BDT 1500.00

Installation Kit &
Installation Services Package
(non-plaster ceiling) BDT 2000.00

Installation Kit &
Installation Services Package
(plaster ceiling) BDT 2500.00

Installation Consideration

When installing HDMI, VGA, Network cables that require to be concealed within wall or above hollow ceiling, be prepared to get a good premium cable to avoid frequent replacement, double images or insufficient bandwidth not supported.

There are different grades of cables available in the market from price gap between 20% - 50%. Choosing your cable type is crucial to protect your future investment in long term.

Replaceable Cable Head
Cable head can be vulnerable if it is not properly handled during plug and unplug, forcefully bend due to limited space or long term bend. Most cables head are replaceable but it can be tedious such as VGA that requires soldering or non-replaceable HDMI head. 

Get advice from us we will help you what is the best cable and how we can help you to replace cable head without purchasing the entire cable or rewiring.

Universal Projector Bracket
VGA Cable (15m)
RCA Video Cable (15m)
Power Cable (15m)
Wall/Patch Panel

Universal Projector Bracket
VGA Cable (15m)
RCA Cable (15m)
Power Cable (15m)
Wall/Patch Panel
Labour, Testing and Commissioning
Installation at the height of 12 feet.

Screen Installation
(Size from 6ft - 8ft)

Manual wall pull screen
installation  -BDT 1000.00

Motorized screen
installation  - BDT 1200.00

Special Mounting Custom Fabrication available
Other installation or Rental services available
WhatsApp/IMO/Call : 01719614969, 01782676369, for quote